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Ceramic Conveyor Type Continuous Furnace

Special ceramic chains, excellent in heat resistance and abrasion resistance, are used as a transfer conveyor.
Muffle-less, Ceramic semi-muffle, and Metal muffle types are selectable.
Ceramic Conveyor Type Continuous Furnace


  • Special heat resistant and friction resistant ceramic chains.
  • Clean process with ceramic muffles.
  • Atmospheric firing with metal contamination free.

Two types of ceramic conveyors are selectable; the medium temperature type with a heat resistant temperature 1200°C, and the high temperature type using mullite excellent in high temperature strength with a heat resistant temperature 1400°C. High temperature treatment, such as ferrite sintering and MLCO baking, is enabled by the use of the ceramic chains for transfer. Also as to the muffle; muffle-less, ceramic semi-muffle, and metal muffle are selectable. Since metal contaminants can be removed from inside the furnace by the use of the ceramic semi-muffle, the furnaces can be used for wide range of applications: high temperature glazing of glass and others, and baking of electronic parts, such as capacitors and thermistors. When used in combination with a metal muffle, the furnaces are capable of atmosphere baking in an environment with less metal scale in comparison with the mesh-belt furnaces.

Max. operation Temperature 1400°C (Ceramic muffle) ~600°C (Heat resistant muffle)
Transfer System Ceramic Conveyor
Heating Chamber Heat resistant muffle or Ceramic muffle
Belt Width 200mm~ (To be discussed for other width.)
Atmosphere Air, N2 (WET/DRY)
Applications Sintering, MLCC External Electrodes firing, Glass Glazing, Thermistor firing, Ceramice Cenaer firing