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Compact Conveyor Furnace 810A

Small size with a reduced installation area, and capable of heat treatment in various atmospheres. Small conveyor furnace suitable for thick film baking, electrode drying, and ceramic substrate manufacturing experimentation.
Compact Conveyor Furnace 810A


  • The best for high-mix low-volume production
  • Muffle-type
  • Easy maintenance by hinge-type heating chamber
  • Touch panel operation
  • Weekly timer installed

Those are fully-equipped R&D conveyor furnaces to be used for various environments, such as air environment, N2 atmosphere, and H2 (reducing) atmosphere, for electronic parts manufacturing. They are small and require less installation areas. The purge chambers located at the inlet and outlet contribute to excellent stability and reproducibility of the in-furnace atmosphere. The heat-resistant structure muffle, operation touch panel, and weekly timer attached by standard--all those high performance functions are incorporated in the compact bodies.

Max. operation Temperature 1000°C
Transfer System Mesh Belt Type
Heating Chamber Moldatherm Heater
Belt Width 100~200
Atmosphere N2, Air
Applications Thick-film Firing, Metallization firing, Soldering, Brazing, Reflow