Muffle-less Furnace

Muffle-less furnace (atmosphere furnace) with suppressed heat dissipation and enhanced energy-saving effect.
Suitable for LTCC substrate and inductor manufacturing, thick film baking, and glass sealing.
Muffle-less Furnace


  • Clean heating area
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast start up
  • Save energy

Those Muffle-less furnaces (atmosphere furnace) suppresses heat dissipation (from the inlet, outlet, and heater) with their compact baking chamber, and are excellent in energy saving performance. The heat uniformity can be improved with the ceramic boards (option) located at the upper and lower portions inside the furnace.

Max. operation Temperature 1000°C
Transfer System Mesh Belt Type
Heating Chamber Ceramics board
Belt Width (mm) 230~800
Atmosphere Air
Applications Metallization firing, Metallizing, Thick-film Firing (Precious Metal Pastes, Resistor Pastes, Dielectric Pastes), LTCC de-binding and firing, Firing, Glass Sealing, Glazing, Glass Pastes Firing, Glass Annealing