Standard Muffle Furnace

Mesh-belt type continuous furnace using a muffle with excellent in-furnace atmosphere stability and reproducibility.
Suitable for brazing, soldering, thick film baking, electrode drying, and de-binding.
Standard Muffle Furnace


  • Low temperature distribution inside the furnace
  • Inert gas atmosphere available

Those furnaces ensure excellent heat uniformity using metal muffles. They also ensure superior airtightness to form in-furnace atmosphere excellent in stability and reproducibility. Our original Moldatherm heater, excellent in thermal insulation and temperature rising characteristic, achieves high precision temperature control and superior energy saving. The furnace can also be used satisfactorily even in the thick film baking lines for conductors, resistors, and glass etc.

Max. operation Temperature 1150°C
Transfer System Mesh Belt Type
Heating Chamber Heat resistant muffle
Belt Width (mm) 150~800
Atmosphere N2, N2(WET), N2+Air, Air
Applications Soldering, Brazing, Reflow, Thick-film Firing (Precious Metal Pastes, Resistor Pastes, Dielectric Pastes), Metallization firing, Degreasing, Glass Sealing, Metal Annealing