Hydrogen Furnace

Mesh-belt type continuous furnaces to be used for treatment in reducing atmosphere, such as metal brazing and glass sealing.
Easy to handle because of the H2 atmosphere mechanism with consideration given to safety.
Hydrogen Furnace


  • H2 atmosphere available
  • Safety interlock for Hydrogen
  • Igniter installed for Exhaust gas burning
  • Both hump-type and straight-through available.

Regarding H2 introduction, 2 types of furnaces are available, Horizontal and Hump-Back each with specification to make the most of each merit. Those mesh belt continuous furnaces are suitable for bright treatment as well as for brazing, reflowing, metalizing, and glass sealing in H2 (reducing) atmosphere.

Max. operation Temperature 1150°C
Transfer System Mesh Belt Type
Heating Chamber Heat resistant muffle
Belt Width (mm) 150~800
Atmosphere N2 + H2 (WET/DRY)
Applications Soldering, Brazing, Reflow, Metallizing, Glass Sealing, Metal Annealing, Bright Heat Treatment