Conveyor Furnace for Electronics Industry

Wide variety of transfer solutions to suit applications and reliable heat treatment.
Rich line-up by Mesh-belt continuous furnace, Conveyor continuous furnace,
Chain furnace, and Continuous oven.
Mesh Belt Type Conveyor Furnaces

Those are continuous transfer treatment furnaces using mesh belts. Heat treatment is enabled in various atmospheres, such as H2 and N2, as well as air, and O2 concentration can also be adjusted only in a targeted zone. The furnaces are used for thick film baking, electrode drying, brazing, and glass sealing etc.

Conveyor Furnaces, Chain Furnaces, Reflow Soldering Furnace

Ceramic conveyors with excellent heat resistance and abrasion resistance are used for the transfer sections. As to the muffle types, the muffle-less, ceramic muffle, and metal muffle types can be selected. The furnaces are used for ferrite baking, MLCC baking, electrode drying, and thick film baking etc.

Conveyor Type Oven (Order Products)

Using our clean oven technology for FPD manufacturing and experiment use, we manufacture customized continuous (clean) ovens used for drying, curing, and annealing etc.