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Low-Cost Mini Batch Vertical Furnace VF-3000

The low-price vertical furnace equipped with an auto conveyor can be used for the range from R&D to mass-production of 4- to 8-inch wafers.
We have achieved such a low price that after-process users can introduce the furnace.
Ultra high-temperature treatment is available and best suited for power device manufacture.
Low-Cost Mini Batch Vertical Furnace VF-3000


  • Low-cost equipment for back end users
  • Mini batch, 50 to 75 wafers processing is available for R&D to mass production line
  • 4 to 8 inch wafer size is available
  • Max 4 cassette stocks
  • Excellent temperature control from low to medium high temperature range by use of LGO heater
  • High-speed wafer transfer by use of single/five wafers handling robot
  • Equipped with operator friendly high performance control system

The furnace can be used for a wide range of wafer sizes from 4-inch to 8-inch, and processing in 50–75 wafers of mini batches can be chosen. With the hardware and control system content carefully selected to achieve a low price, this vertical furnace can be used for a wide range from R&D to mass-production lines. Choose and use the suitable heater from LGO heater, molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heater and carbon heater not only for low-temperature annealing, nitride (Si3N4), polysilicon (poly Si) and other material LPCVD, oxidation and diffusion but also for SiC power device gate silicon oxynitriding, activation annealing and other ultra high-temperature treatment processes.

Outer dimension (mm) 1200(W)×1400(D)×2550(H)
Heater LGO heater
Flat zone length (mm) 350~500
Wafer size 4~8 inch
Batch size 75 wafers
I/O port 4
Number of FOUP stock 4
Finger single wafer
Controller Model 880
Option Forced-cooling system, N2 load lock, for 300mm Wafer, Convertible wafer size
Applications Oxidation, Diffusion, CVD, Activated annealing
Processing object SiN, Si3N4
Manufactured article Silicon wafer, Thin wafer (Power Devices)