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Mass-Production Model Flexible Vertical Furnace VF-5100

The large-batch, diffusion, LPCVD, vertical furnace performs 4- to 8-inch wafer ultra high-temperature treatment. The system can be flexibly configured to meet your production line to process a variety of products. The furnace is best for power device manufacture.
Mass-Production Model Flexible Vertical Furnace VF-5100


  • Flexible equipment configuration available for various production line
  • 50 to 150 wafers batch size can be selected
  • 4 to 8 inch wafer size is available
  • 4 to 8 cassette stocks
  • Excellent temperature control from low to medium high temperature range by use of LGO heater
  • High-speed wafer transfer by use of single/five wafers handling robot
  • ・ Equipped with operator friendly high performance control system

The vertical furnace for 4- to 8-inch wafers flexibly meets your production line and you can choose the number of wafers to process from 50 to 150. The heater is chosen from LGO heater, molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heater and carbon heater so the furnace can be used for not only low-temperature annealing, nitride (Si3N4), polysilicon (poly Si) and other material LPCVD, oxidation and diffusion processing but also SiC power device gate silicon oxynitriding, activation annealing and other ultra high-temperature processing.

Outer dimension (mm) 1000(W)×1850(D)×3250(H) (8 inch ×150 wafers)
Heater LGO heater
Flat zone length (mm) 350~960
Wafer size 4~8 inch
Batch size 150 wafers
I/O port 1
Number of FOUP stock 4~8
Finger 5 wafers+single wafer
Controller Model VSC1000
Option Forced-cooling system, N2 load lock, HOST communication(GEM300), Thin wafer (100µm or more)handling, Convertible wafer size
Applications Oxidation, Diffusion, CVD, Activated annealing
Processing object SiN, Si3N4
Manufactured article Silicon wafer, Thin wafer (Power Devices)