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Vertical Furnace for 300mm Wafer VF-5900

The furnace is a heat treatment system for silicon wafer, IGBT, polyimide and thin wafer oxidation, diffusion and CVD. As our flagship model, the furnace is equipped with a large-capacity stocker and accomplishes short cycle time.
Vertical Furnace for 300mm Wafer VF-5900


  • Large batch, Max 100 wafers batch processing
  • Max 16 FOUP stocks
  • Excellent temperature control from low to medium high temperature range by use of LGO heater
  • High-speed wafer transfer by use of single/five wafers handling robot
  • Equipped with operator friendly high performance control system

The large-batch mass-production type vertical diffusion furnace can process a maximum of 100 300-mm (12-inch) wafers or 16 FOUPs a batch. A LGO heater is used, for superior temperature characteristics from low temperatures to medium to high temperatures. As well as silicon wafers, the furnace is suitable for IGBT, polyimide, thin wafer and other material heat treatments also.

Outer dimension (mm) 1250(W)×3200(D)×3400(H)
Heater LGO heater (ID Φ500mm)
Flat zone length (mm) 1040
Wafer size (mm) 300
Batch size 100 wafers
I/O port 2
Number of FOUP stock 16 (standard)
Finger 5 wafers+single wafer
Controller Model VSC1000
Option Forced-cooling system, N2 load lock, HOST communication (GEM300)
Applications Oxidation, Diffusion, Chemical Vapor Deposition
Manufactured article Silicon1,IGBT, Polyimide, Thin Wafer