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Large caliber Vertical Furnace VFS-4000

The large-bore vertical furnace for 4.5G/5.5G has been developed by making use of semiconductor manufacturing equipment technologies for glass board manufacture.
The furnace is suitable for low-compaction organic EL (OLED/AMOLED) frit sealing processes and dewatering.
Large caliber Vertical Furnace VFS-4000


  • Available for vacuum/atmospheric pressure process
  • Available for various gases
  • Substrate size: 1300×1500 mm (Typical)
    (To be discussed for other size.)
  • Excellent temp performance of large LGO heater
  • The semiconductor diffusion furnace has been modified to a larger scale for the flat panel display.

The large-bore vertical furnace uses the strict temperature characteristic control, atmosphere control and particle control, expertise for semiconductor manufacture, for FPD. Quartz boats are used for low-particle, metal free environment to enable vacuum heat treatment at 10 ppm or lower O2 concentration. The furnace is suitable for touch panel and other material contact annealing, post-baking and activation annealing.

Outer dimension (mm) 2000(W)×2000(D)×4350(H) (furnace body)
Heater LGO heater
Operation temperature 200~600°C
Substrate size 1300×1500
Batch size 20~25 wafers
Flat zone temperature Less than ±3°C
Chamber material High-grade quarts
Controller Model VSC1000
Option Forced-cooling system, HOST communication (SECS/GEM)
Applications Contact Annealing, Post-bake, Activated annealing
Manufactured article 4.5·5.5 size glass plate