Semiconductor Equipment

We manufacture leading-edge heat treatment systems for producing power semiconductors, silicon and compound semiconductors, solar batteries, organic EL (OLED), polyimide and MEMS. Our product lineup covers heat treatments at low-temperature range–1850°C.

We offer oxidation, diffusion and CVD systems that use our unique LGO heaters manufactured by integrally forming ceramic fiber heat insulating materials and heating elements and that accomplish high precision and high throughput thanks to the rapid temperature rising and falling characteristics and superior temperature stability, energy saving compared with our conventional thick wire heaters.
Our lineup also includes the high-temperature heat treatment ovens for power devices using carbon heaters supporting heat treatments at 1850°C and molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heaters supporting heat treatments at 1400°C so SiC wafer activation annealing and gate silicon oxynitriding can be performed.

Vertical Furnace

Horizontal Furnace

Lamp Annealing System / Clean Oven