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Vacuum Furnace

Hardening, brazing and annealing are available in a vacuum environment. Our furnace lineup includes 2-chamber and 3-chamber furnaces equipped with separate quenching oil tank or gas cooling chamber.
Continuous Vacuum Furnace


  • Gas cooling can be combined with oil cooling.
  • A variety of cooling direction (single direction, upward, downward and entire circumference)
  • Rapid heating by convection heating
  • Long-life graphite rod heater
  • Uniform temperature accuracy (±5°C at 1100°C)

The furnace can be flexibly configured in accordance with the work, e.g., high-pressure gas cooling or oil cooling, or gas/oil convertible cooling. Particularly the 3-chamber type equipped with a separate quenching oil tank and gas cooling chamber enables in-line continuous processing and meets your needs with high productivity. For the batch processing 1-chamber type furnace, the high-pressure gas cooling is the standard function to speed up the cooling. You can choose the wind direction changing system at maximum of 0.5 MPa N2 gas blowing on the work from upward and downward.

Examples of product Vacuum brazing, vacuum annealing, die steel, high-speed tool steel, martensitic stainless steel, molybdenum steel and other material hardening and austenitic stainless steel solution heat treatment