Ammonia Cracker

The compact cracked ammonia gas generator uses a Moldatherm heater for downsizing.
The generator is active in stainless steel bright annealing, nitriding and other thermal processing.
Ammonia Cracker


  • Greatly lower cracked gas generation cost thanks to the use of an energy saving heater
  • Cracked gas constituent stabilization by uniform heating by the entire surface of the Moldatherm heater

The half cylinder type Moldatherm heater and alloy retort are used to reduce the heating chamber surface area to suppress heat emission. The energy saving performance of the heater greatly reduces the cracked gas production cost. Since the heater can be easily replaced from the outside, maintenance is easy. Because the Moldatherm heater encloses and uniformly heats the cylindrical retort with the heat from the entire surface, it stabilize the cracked gas constituents.