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Non-flame Carburizing Furnace / Non-flame Soft Nitriding Furnace

The carburizing furnace uses no flame curtain and uses a vacuum purge type oil tank.
These safety at the heat treatment site is improved and the operation environment pollution by soot and heat is reduced.
Non-frame Carburizing Furnace / Non-frame Soft Nitriding Furnace


  • Fully automatic conveyor system
  • Monitoring system
  • Oil temperature, carburization depth, hardening data and other quality control
  • Higher production efficiency
  • Higher safety

The carburizing furnace and soft nitriding furnace use no flame curtain for higher safety and better operation environment. Gas heating types and electrical heating types are available. For gas heating, you can choose a single-end burner or regenerative burner type. The oil tank rectifying duct, which was developed by combining our expertise obtained through long experiences and the latest fluid analysis technologies, rectifies the quenching oil flow into laminar flow, achieving higher hardenability and uniform quenching. With the use of the optional RFQ® (relative flow quenching), you can expect higher hardenability, less quenching distortion, less hardness dispersion and other quality improvements.

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