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Endothermic Gas Generator

An energy saving heater is used for cost cutting and downsizing.
Thanks to the stable gas constituents and wide turndown width, the endothermic gas generator can flexibly supply gas.
Endothermic Gas Generator


  • An endothermic furnace gas generator indispensable to thermal processing
  • Our unique Moldatherm heater integrating energy saving thermal insulating materials is used.
  • Helpful for low running cost and CO2 emission reduction
  • Different from the methanol dripping type and furnace inside denaturing type, preliminarily denatured atmosphere gas is supplied to the furnace so the atmosphere gas constituents can be constant and the product quality can be stable without depending on the furnace internal temperature.

The endothermic gas generator uses a Moldatherm heater, for low-cost running. The body is compact and requires only a small installation area. Since electrical heating or gas heating can be chosen and the turndown width is large, the gas generator flexibly meets a wide range of requests from pilot production to large-scale production.