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Mesh Belt Type Sintering Furnace

The continuous sintering furnace uses a mesh belt for the conveyor. High-quality sintering is performed using accumulated burn-off technologies and temperature control.
Mesh Belt Type Sintering Furnace


  • Downsized furnace shell realized by the use of our Moldatherm blocks for thermal insulation
    (furnace shell heat dissipation reduction)

Burn-off technologies accumulated for years have achieved highly accurate degreasing and debinding. Sintering is performed continuously. The burn-off furnace uses a direct heating system using directly firing burners and the oxidizing atmosphere accelerates degreasing. The sintering zone is at as high as 1150°C±5°C of temperatures and highly accurate, soaking normally takes 15 min.–20 min., and high-quality sintering is available without surface roughness. The furnace constructed without muffle requires low maintenance costs and stably runs for a long time.

Examples of product Iron-based metal sintering and various other sintering