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Vacuum Sintering Furnace

The carbon inner muffle enables continuous processing from degreasing to sintering. The furnace has the structure whick keeps the heating chamber clean without contamination by the gas emitted during degreasing.
Vacuum Sintering Furnace


  • A carbon inner muffle is used to enable continuous processing from degreasing to sintering.
  • Vacuum, gas flow and compression (up to 0.1 MPa) are supported.
  • Our standard furnace lineup includes the models for processing at a maximum of 2300°C (a maximum of 2300°C is the temperature for vacuum processing).

Since the heating chamber uses a carbon inner muffle, even if gas is generated during degreasing, the gas stays within the muffle. The heating chamber enclosing the muffle is therefore not contaminated, so sintering can be carried out cleanly. The furnace is equipped with a wax trap that can be used for dewaxing various binders. Since processing from degreasing to sintering can be carried out within 1 furnace, you can save running cost and energy. The inner muffle radiation effect further improves furnace internal temperature distribution, achieving 6°C or less temperature accuracy width.

Examples of product Cemented carbide, stainless steel and ceramics sintering