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Tempering Furnace

Continuous processing and batch processing are available.
Tempering Furnace


  • Low-temperature, high-temperature and high-/low-temperature types are available.
  • Hot air circulation heating type using a large-capacity hot air circulation fan and sheathed heaters.
  • Twofold sheet metal structure free from contamination by oil smoke.

Low-temperature, high-temperature and low-/high-temperature tempering furnaces are available. Low-temperature tempering furnaces is operated by hot-air circulation heating system with sheathed heaters and a large-capacity hot air circulation fan. Since the furnaces are constructed with twofold sheet metal and charged with lightweight heat insulating material, they are not soiled by oil smoke. The high-temperature tempering furnace heating system accomplishes stable temperature distribution using a combination of ribbon heaters, a furnace internal agitating fan made of heat resistant steel and rectifier (some types cannot be installed with a rectifier).

Examples of product Low-temperature, high-temperature types are available