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Washing Matchine

The washing machine using a petroleum solvent is used before and after heat treatment. The machine is structured to use no pit to save space and equipped with a high-performance distillation and regeneration unit as a standard component for low running costs.
Washing Matchine


  • Usable for washing before and after heat treatment
  • Greatly reduced consumable parts and extended maintenance cycle
  • Repeatedly usable solvent requiring no replacement but supply only
  • Totally closed design shutting out air from contacting solvent
  • Space saving and initial cost reduction
  • Work loading immediately after hardening without time loss
  • 30 min. of standard cycle time

Replacing water-based washing machines, the washing machines using petroleum based solvents are now playing the main role in the before- and after-heat treatment washing processes. A high-performance distillation and regeneration machine is installed as a standard component to repeatedly use the solvent, so low running cost has been achieved. Solvent requires supply only. The twofold single-chamber structure without a pit has no conveyor or shaft seal saves space and can extend the maintenance cycle. The totally closed design shutting out air from the solvent secures safety.