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Small Type Conveyor Furnace 810A

The compact furnaces require only small installation areas and perform heat treatments in a H2 (reducing) atmosphere. The compact conveyor furnaces are optimal for thick film firing, electrode drying and ceramic board manufacture experiments.
Ceramic Conveyor Type Continuous Furnace 810A


  • The best for high-mix low-volume production
  • Muffle-type
  • Easy maintenance by hinge-type heating chamber
  • Touch panel operation
  • Weekly timer installed
Applications Thick-film Firing, Metallization firing, Soldering, Brazing, Reflow

The experimental (R&D) conveyor furnaces are completely equipped for an air atmosphere, N2 atmosphere, H2 (reducing) atmosphere and all the other environments for electronic part manufacture. The furnaces have compact bodies, require only small installation areas and save space. Purge chambers installed at the inlet and outlet make the furnace atmosphere highly stable and regenerative. The furnaces are compact but equipped with high-performance functions as heat resistant muffles, touch panel type operation units and weekly timers as standard components.

Type 810A
Max. operation Temperature 1000°C
Transfer System Mesh Belt Type
Heating Chamber Moldatherm Heater
Belt Width (mm) 100~200
Atmosphere N2, Air