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Vacuum Purge Type Small Box Furnace µBF

Based on the KBC series which has a good delivery record, the vacuum purge structure reduces the purging time. The multi-purpose electrical box furnaces perform heat treatments in a N2 atmosphere or H2 (reducing) atmosphere.
Vacuum Purge Type Small Box Furnace µBF


  • Heat treatments in various atmospheres
  • Heat treatments in reducing atmospheres are also available.
  • Heater maintenance is easy.
  • A wide variety of optional items
Applications Solar Cell, R&D, Delipidation, Firing
Option Circulation fan, Oxygen meter, Cooling mechanism, Monitor TC

The semi-custom box furnaces have been developed by additionally installing a vacuum purge function and gas replacement function to the highly reliable KBF series furnaces which has a good delivery record. Vacuum purge enables furnace internal gas atmosphere to be replaced in a short time. If a H2 gas introducing circuit is installed, the furnace can be used as a heat treatment furnace using a reducing atmosphere. You can use the furnace for multi-purpose like metal development tests, ceramic material (capacitor, LTCC, etc.) debinding firing, solar battery development, etc.

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Type µBF
Max. operation Temperature(*1) 1000°C
Normal operation Temperature(*1) 400~900°C
Control System Temperature Programmer
Heater Power 10.1kW(at 200V)
TC Platinel-II
Outer dimension (mm) 800(W)×1600(H)×1300(D)
Inside dimension (mm) 200(W)×200(H)×200(D)
Withstand load [Uniformly-distributed load] 10kg
Breaker capacity AC200V 50A 3ø 50/60Hz
Over-heat Protection Equipped
(*1) Temperature at the control point within the heating chamber.