Vacuum Bake Furnace

The electrical box furnace developed for heat treatments in a vacuum environment. The furnace performs baking, drying, degreasing, hardening, annealing and various other treatments in short cycle time.
Vacuum Bake Furnace


  • Short cycle time, high-efficiency type
  • Highly accurate separate control of 3 zones
  • Cooling blower installation as a standard equipment
  • Stainless steel muffle
Applications Polyimide hard-bake, Drying, Delipidation , Post-bake
Option Selectable vacuum pump

In addition to the vacuum creation in a short time, fresh air can be fed into the air jacket on the muffle outside surface and temperature falling time is reduced. Because of the short cycle time, the high-efficiency box furnace can process several batches a day. With a stainless steel muffle that emits only a little dust, uniform temperature distribution and highly accurate separate control of 3 zone heaters, high-quality processing is available. The furnace is suitable for polyimide hard baking, plastic package degreasing, wafer drying and baking and other processing.

Type SHB-8810-5VC
Max. operation Temperature(*1) 500°C
Normal operation Temperature(*1) 250~480°C
Control System Temperature Programmer
Heater Power 5.0kW(at 200V)
Outer dimension (mm) 1000(W)×1570(H)×1300(D)
Inside dimension (mm) 200(W)×200(H)×250(D)
Withstand load [Uniformly-distributed load] 20kg
Breaker capacity AC200V 40A 3ø 50/60Hz
Over-heat Protection Equipped
(*1) Temperature at the control point within the mafull.