Laboratory Electric Furnace & Oven

Established technologies for mass-production equipment are concentrated in a compact body for research and laboratory use.
Wide lineup includes electrical furnaces (box furnaces and tube furnaces), ovens and multi-purpose experimental furnaces.
Electric Furnace

The lineup of experimental electrical furnaces covers compact, energy saving, high-temperature thermal processing furnaces for heat treatments at a maximum of 1800°C. Our unique Moldatherm heater, SiC heater or molybdenum disilicide heater can be chosen for the box furnaces and tube furnaces respectively, so we can respond to your needs with a wide furnace lineup and the know-how accumulated through a large number of furnace supply. For tube furnaces, since quartz tubes or ceramic tubes can be installed depending on the temperatures, various types of atmosphere can be processed easily.

Special Furnace

We manufacture our original multi-purpose experimental furnaces based on our box furnace and tube furnace technologies.


Our furnace lineup includes air atmosphere ovens provided with superior soaking performance by hot air circulation, inert gas ovens, clean ovens and various other ovens. They are optimal for drying, curing and annealing experiments.