Heat Treatment Industrial Equipment

It has been half a century since we introduced the nation’s first industrial heat treatment furnace. We have responded to the carburizing, nitriding, sintering, annealing, continuous processing and all the other industrial heating needs.

In 1959, more than half a century ago, we introduced the nation’s first heat treatment furnace, batch type carburizing furnace. Taking pride as a pioneer of metal property controlling using heat, we have been running at the cutting edge of industrial heating equipment. While taking the heat treatment technologies from person to person, we have brushed up those technologies through successive periods. We are positively working on not only carburizing, nitriding, sintering, annealing, hardening and other metallic material property modification but also energy saving and environmental issues as the missions of an industrial firm that handles heat. To respond to the essential need for “using metals” by best possible means, we, Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd. will keep on trying.

Carburizing furnace,Quenching furnace,Gas Soft Nitriding Furnace

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