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Clean Batch System CBS series

Batch clean ovens suitable for the LTPS treatment.
Standard model satisfying both specification and cost.
Also capable of atmosphere treatment.
Clean Batch System CBS series


  • The atmospheric process is available
    The original sealed structure has enabled the process with no oxidization by charging inert gas.
  • Maximum available temperature 500°C
    With the ultra high HEPA filter adopted, the maximum available temperature at 500°C has been achieved.
  • High throughput
    Cycle time reduction is possible by oven rapid cooling system and/or speedy substrate-transfer.

This batch clean oven series is suitable for LTPS treatment at operating temperature up to 500°C. The reason for the long-selling model for more than 20 years is the satisfying specification and cost which secure the treatment process. Despite of being a batch type, it achieves high throughput with the forced cooling mechanism.

Available glass size (mm) 300(W)×400(L)~730(W)×920(L)
Temperature range 80~500°C
Temperature uniformity ±5°C
Cleanliness Class 10 (0.3µm)
Applications A wide variety of Annealing of LTPS & TFT