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Clean Oven, Single Substrate Transfer Type CCBS series

Our best-selling clean ovens for LCDs and OLEDs!
Zero-damage to substrates, Treatment of sublimates during color filter resist post baking.
Clean Oven, Single Substrate Transfer Type CCBS series


  • High productivity
    Exclusively designed rack configuration with narrowed rack pitch in oven according to process applications (patented).
    And it has realized high efficiencies in the storage, space, and energy. In addition, a flexible operation is available by reducing ovens in operation depending on the produc1ion volume.
  • High clean and damage free
    Our unique shutter mechanism (patented) eliminates displacement of substrates inside the oven, which provides damage free on the substrates and does not generate any particle at all accompanied by displacement.
  • High uptime
    Simplified structure of the equipment reduces interruption caused by trouble dramatically.
  • Energy saving
    Controlling negative pressure in the oven as well as the high thermal insulation structure reduces heat energy radiation.
    With the newly developed heat reuse unit (patent applied for), it is available to perform the effective utilization of the energy.
  • Various layouts are available
    The flexible layout is available with such function units as the single substrate transfer type, and/or the cooling rack, which allows to make good use of the limited space of the clean room.
  • Fit for every specific process of substrates
    It is suited for every process of substrates such as sampling some of them after baking and/or skipping the baking process etc. It is helpful to set up your original automated line.
  • Providing an action against Sublimation
    With our long-term efforts for the action against sublimation, our original expertise has resolved such a process to generate sublimation as post baking of the photo resist.

The CCBS series of single substrate transfer clean ovens, our best-selling clean oven series for LCDs and OLEDs, operates stably for years. Supporting the glass sizes of up to 10th generation, it achieves high productivity, high-clean and zero-damage on the substrates. The series also treats sublimates during post baking.

Available glass size (mm) 300(W)×400(L)~3000(W)×3200(L)
Temperature range 80~250°C
Temperature uniformity ±3°C
Cleanliness Class 10 (0.3µm)
Applications Post baking of color filter resist, Annealing, Seal main curing/pre curing, Baking of polyimide coating