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IR Furnace, Single Substrate Transfer Type CCBS-IR series

IR-heating type, single substrate transfer clean ovens, CCBS-IR series.
For various baking treatment of IGZO, the next generation display TFT, and other LCDs and OLEDs.
IR Furnace, Single Substrate Transfer Type CCBS-IR series


  • High-level cleanliness
    The clean structure with no dust caused by itself and precise atmosphere control inside the oven (patented) have enabled the high clean performance. To be suited for array process substrate that needs stricter clean environment.
  • High heating efficiency
    Far-infrared Radiation (IR) Heating System, which has high heating efficiency, has been adopted. The process with high efficiency is available for various kinds of the film thickness. A perfect condition is provided for such processes for thicker films as the alignment film and the passivation film.
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
    The IR Panel Heater with excellent temperature uniformity has been adopted. The uniform heating is available for such a large substrate as the 10th generation.
  • The atmosphere process is available
    By introducing N2 gas into the oven, it is available to have a heating process under low Oxygen (O2) density.

The IR method is used for heat treatment of the large LCDs and OLEDs of up to 10th generation.
A demonstration machine is also available for the 500°C treatment of the IGZO and LTPS.

Available glass size (mm) 300(W)×400(L)~3000(W)×3200(L)
Temperature range RT~250°
Temperature uniformity ±3°
Cleanliness Class 10 (0.3µm)
Applications A wide variety of burning of LTPS & IGGO, Baking of Polyimide coating, Annealing, Baking of passivation film, Seal main curing/pre curing