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Vacuum Dryer CCBS-V spec

Capable of vacuum dehydration baking and annealing of the LCD and OLED substrates of up to 10th generation.
Supports various configurations, such as in-line with a preceding and succeeding process and using robots.
Vacuum Dryer CCBS-V spec


  • Heating process in vacuum is available
    Mounting the high radiation rate thin type panel heater In the vacuum chamber has enabled heating process in vacuum. This system is, especially, best suited for such a device that needs the process in vacuum as the organic EL.
  • Available for the large substrate
    It is available for the 10th generation.
  • Available for various kinds of process patterns
    This system is available to apply such various kinds of process patterns as vacuum load lock connecting with the pre/post process system or the combined system with the robot to transfer the substrate.

Our proprietary thin panel heater inside the vacuum chamber enables vacuum dehydration baking, high boiling solvent drying, and annealing for the large LCD substrates of up to 10th generation.

Available glass size (mm) 300(W)×400(L)~3000(W)×3200(L)
Temperature range RT~250°C
Temperature uniformity ±3°C
Cleanliness Class 10 (0.3µm)
Degree of vacuum 10-3Pa
Applications Dehydration baking, Drying of solvent, Annealing