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Roller Hearth Continuous Furnace RH series

Transfers large glass substrates cleanly and continuously for heat treatment using special ceramic rollers.
Also capable of sealing OLED frit glass.
Roller Hearth Continuous Furnace RH series


  • Clean compliant
    The transfer roller of special ceramics and the original driving system (patented) avoid generating dust in the oven. In addition, adopting the glass muffle prevents the process substrate from contaminating particles.
  • Energy saving
    Adopting the original high thermal Insulation heater called as "Moldatherm Heater" has realized energy saving.
  • Environment compliant
    Residual gas formed during debinding has been decomposed and removed with catalyst to realize the ecological environment (patented).
  • Space saving temperature uniformity
    Stacking heating section up to three enables to shorter furnace length. Besides, Integrating cooling section on to return-conveyor makes the foot print smaller.

The Roller hearth continuous furnace series ensures secure transfer in the baking of large substrates. Our original ceramic rollers suppress dust generation and the high thermal insulation "Moldatherm" heater contributes to energy saving and manufacturing environment improvement.

Available glass size (mm) 300(W)×300(L)~2800(W)×1900(L)
Temperature range 150~650°C
Temperature uniformity ±3°C
Applications Baking of various kinds of paste and Films of the PDP / FED
*We can support the production of the drying Oven.